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In order for us to truly decolonize our identities, we need to address our bodies and desire as well.

It is not enough to stand against military oppression, but also the oppressions of classism, sexism, shadism or “pigmentation politics” as Diaz termed.

Often times, we still buy into the idea of “educating” the privileged elite through intimacy.

The problem here is that while ignorance is inexcusable, “awareness” alone is not the solution. of the suffering of the disadvantaged, of the stacking inequalities of classism and racism, and of their own privilege.

It gave a voice to the helplessness I’ve felt for years, unable to address certain obsessive patterns of behavior from people of color I loved and respected.

Kicking colonialism’s butt is about giving land, natural resources, and cultural heritages back to people of color, and it’s about more than that, too.

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The natural reaction is to want to join them if you can’t fight them.How much of this person’s persona is validated by mainstream society’s definition of attractiveness?How much of their tastes are culturally appropriated to show off how well-travelled they are?Some “allies” believe that by “sharing” their privilege with those who are systemically denied access (for instance, by having POC LGBTQIA friends or giving money to their causes), they are forgiven for their privilege.

This notion of “trickle-down privilege,” just like trickle-down economy, only plays right into systemic injustices and inequalities by making the “social consciousness” of those at the top of the social ladder the basis for equality and justice. Don’t fall into the trap of secretly wanting to be white.

In a social experiment with apes, lower-ranking apes would give up a reward like juice or food, in order to look at photos of high-ranking apes.