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14-Dec-2017 09:55

This may seem like common sense, but trust me, it needs to be said.

If each of you feels that you should talk to someone that you trust (of the same sex) about fears or concerns you may have about your sexual relationship — especially the wedding night itself — then do that as your wedding approaches.

Refer to "Biblical Dating: Growing in Intimacy" for more details on this. First, don't spend significant time talking about what your sex life will be like once you're married.

As we've discussed before, do talk clearly about boundaries in your physical relationship, and do put clear methods in place to help you adhere to them, but don't spend time fantasizing about your future sexual relationship.

The wedding day is just like every other day in the Christian life — it is primarily about God.

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Will you be able, generally speaking, to serve God better together than apart?

In terms of how to spend your time and what to talk about, the main concerns should be to prepare for marriage, to avoid temptation and to keep in mind that That simply means keeping basically the same constraints on the settings in which you spent time together before you were engaged.

In other words, while you will spend more time together, it still should not be alone in one of your apartments.

If that happens, the next step is for the guy to go through that sweep the woman he loves off her feet.

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Just as you women suspect, this process comes naturally and easily to all men. There is really only one concept to keep in mind when it comes to engagement, and it's quite easy.

PART 7: From 'Hi' to 'I Do' in a Year » Let's talk first (and briefly) about the decision whether to marry a particular person.