Dance dating uk

25-Jan-2018 10:48

In an introductory assembly, he talked about how modern technology had made a game of our love lives, and cheapened us all as a result.The point of his programme, he explained, was to get us seeing potential partners more as people.We were all given a number and a grade (I was B, still not happy about that) and told to fill in some forms about ourselves which, frankly, were minimal compared with the reams you have to fill in for an online dating profile. There were CCTV cameras watching us (supposedly), and some baffling rules (no hugging, no reading outside the curriculum, no masturbation).But, if I’m honest, I found being herded about as we were strangely calming – reminiscent of the reassuring order and rules of school.The only plain white T-shirt I have is the dull affair I only ever wear to stop my shoulders getting sunburnt on holiday.I paired this with some jeans I panic-bought in M&S just before the event, because I didn’t own any (as a size 18 I prefer cute dresses). As I was queueing up to get into the event I realised my new jeans still had a tag on, and started ripping it off, looking for all the world like a very inexperienced shoplifter. Wardrobe crisis aside, I enjoyed being filed into a (fictitious) centre called The Hoxton Institute which claimed to be able to solve all my romantic woes.As the event progressed, I met a really cute guy (with a girlfriend, typically, because, despite the theme, ‘all relationship statuses are welcome’), made friends with some cool girls and danced the night away.

Even if I didn’t have any luck in the love department I’d burn a few hundred calories trying.While it may seem strange to hold a fitness class in a bar there is method in the organisers’ madness.