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19-Oct-2017 15:07

’ Now I think there would be a million lawsuits if somebody did that, but back in the ‘80s… A dirty racist clown that would taunt you at a carnival.

IGN: Who do you think is the scariest onscreen clown? Though the thing that scared me the most was the Poltergeist clown. As a kid, when you came out of Poltergeist, everyone was like ‘That clown, that clown, that clown.’ That was the thing everyone remembered.

Even though it was a clown doll; that traumatised me. That movie was a special effects revelation at the time, but of all the big special effects, the thing that people remember the most is that clown doll.

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Eli Roth: It’s hard to think of another movie that started with a trailer, other than the Grindhouse movies.

But he claims the third and final season of gothic horror series “Hemlock Grove” on Netflix included stuff that made his jaw drop.