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—I feel that if any movie has the Lords’s name in vain in it, that Christians everywhere should boycott it and TRASH it for any recommendation. I’m sure if someone said such words against Islam’s Allah there would be riots in the streets. I do not see how any of this contributes to the story or quality of the movie, and I find its only intent is to be offensive to our God and Father. The only thing worth mentioning was the Human Torch’s attitude. —For what is supposed to be from a comic book from one of the most famouse comic book makers, this movie was a rip-off. Fantastic and Invisable Woman’s relationship and The Thing’s hardship then it did with them getting their powers and making something out of them, and the content they had in it realy took the cake. This movie would probably be okay for most kids, except for the brief bridge scene where partial nudity is seen. I, for one, can’t wait until the already being worked on sequel. the really good superhero movies, like “Superman,” “Spider Man 2” and “Batman Begins,” leave “Fantastic Four” so far behind that the movie should almost be ashamed to show itself in the same theaters. It was a very good movie for the whole family to watch. When I went to go see the movie it wasn’t even half as bad as I had predicted. All in all, this movie is a total let down and something I would advise to people who want a good show not to watch. They cursed (so many times I couldn’t count, and did it for no reason), had sexual hints (more like blunts), almost nudity, took the Lord’s name in vain, and they took too long to develop the characters.

There are also several sexual innuendos which were not necessary to plot development.

I didn’t think it was very offensive, and it actually was pretty funny. —The character were good representations of comic book characters - even a bit flat, obvious, and unchanging, but amusing.

There was some sexual material in it that wasn’t too bad, and there was only some mild language that I recall. —When I saw “Fantastic Four” I was surprised that most of the viewers were young children.

—When I saw Fantastic Four I was surprised that most of the viewers were young children.

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There were a good amount of suggest comments made and one of the characters strips down to her bra and underwear, a couple of curses thrown in as well. The movie never develops, not a lot of action, it was just lame. The movie just has no substance, the characters don’t really develop like spiderman or even x-men did. There is one big action scene where the fantastic four use all of their powers together as one group, the rest of the movie is the scientist trying to figure out what happened to them and how they can get back to normal (no lie).

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