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mujy boys bohat pasand hai cute boys pls call me friendship k liye mai pesse b dungi agar mujjy satisfay kar paye to.

One Indian Girl in a new novel by Chetan Bhagat which is schedule to release on 1 October 2016.

My advice to you is be happy with what you have, and stop focusing on your sex life.

If it still bothers you, try fixing your problem, like telling your husband what you want from him.

For example, it is a long Central Indian & Deccani tradition to import Punjabi pathics:"There are agents right here in our city of Bombay who import young boys of ten to sixteen years of age from Sialkot & other districts of the Punjab. 50/- per night per boy & send to the parents of these boys in the interior villages of the Sialkot district, about Rs. N Delhi: Mittal Pub.ns, p 123-143: 139.2) "In Pakistan, for instance, professional masseurs in urban Punjab may perform sexual services for men including anal intercourse, but these are carefully solicited through suggestive sexual gestures that test 'the boundaries of shame' in a context where even the most innocent massage is considered morally ambiguous.

These boys are made to go about during the day as champi-wallas and at night are used for purposes of sodomy. 10/- per month." - ' The Juvenile Court and the Magistrate' Dr Katayun H Cama. Hence, any translation or regionalised variant of ' Punjabi Launda' has come to denote a passive male homosexual in most Indo-Aryan & Dravidian languages.1) "Other agents import little boys between the ages of 8 & 16 from the villages & district of Sialkot & traffic in them for purposes of sodomy & earn Rs 5 to 50 per night per body & send the parents in the villages Rs. These victims of sodomy & venereal disease are made to go about as Champiwallas or Masseurs during the day & at night are made to ply their underworld trade to satisfy the perverted impulses of homosexual adults." ' Child Labour in India - A Story of Merciless Human Wreckage' Katayun H Cama. (Frembgen 2008: 18-19) " (' The Anthropology of Sex' Hastings Donnan, Fiona Magowan, Oxford, NY: Berg, 2010, p 82)3) ' Youth, 5 minors held for sodomy, making MMS' Times of India (Chandigarh), Apr 27, 2012.4) Navin: I need to enjoy the gaand (anus) of a Punjabi Boy soon!

Then you say he don't satify you and you had an affair with a Muslim at work? Infact, someone should set you on fire first then drown you. I had sex relationship with a kala for over 2 years before I got married to a sikh guy arranged marriage in london. but I feel he is not as good at intimate level as compared to the kala. I love my husband so much but don't want to do anything stupid.

I ain't got anything against muslims, but that makes you a hoe. If technically you got married in a G-wara then you took a vow before the GGS to be faithfull and the rest of it, and you broke your vow to God and your other half. You are a complete disgrace to man kind let alone any religion. I constantly have urges to have sex with another man who can make me feel the best. There is a muslim guy who I work with who I had a brief affair with last year, it lasted around 3 months, but it was only because I was desparate to be fullfilled. ALL these pages are now moved to the new forum which you may find at Forum .

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well confused woman i've been screwing a certain dogs' wife long before she married a certain dog, and lately i've once again rekindled the affair again with her, all i can say is not worry about it, i have a son who i've never even met yet who grew up to marry the kutti woman who i've begin screwing again, so don't worry. You believe that sleeping around before marriage goes against your beliefs. I did feel sorry for you for a few seconds because I thought it may have been love, which messes up peoples heads.

OR LEAVE HIM WITH SOME DIGNITY AND DO WHAT EVER THE HELL YOUR DOING. Dear Confused woman, I beg you do not betray your husband.