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So are other kids who may go every day, but only pass hard little balls and always have poop left behind in the rectum. Any number of things, including diet, illness, not drinking enough fluids, fear of the toilet during potty training, or limited access to a toilet or a toilet that's not private (like at school).

Some kids may develop chronic constipation after stressful life events such as a divorce or the death of a close relative.

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Partial BMs may pass through, causing the child to soil his or her pants.

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The longer the poop is stuck there, the more water is removed — and the harder it is to push the large, dry poop out. The old standby solution consisted of diapers in case astronauts needed to relieve themselves. While you may go about your life mostly unaffected by this, it is more of a challenge for our brave astronauts, dwelling in their space suits. An astronaut might find themselves in this suit for up to 10 hours at a time nominally for launch or landing, or up to 6 days if something catastrophic happens while in space.But punishing or humiliating a child with encopresis will only make matters worse.

Instead, talk to your doctor, who can help you and your child through this challenging but treatable problem.) by cataloging bios from the early 2000s MTV dating show Next.

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